Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas on Restoring Health Services

Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas rallied workers and LA County residents during a caravan through the Second Supervisorial District May 23. Here he can be seen calling for the reopening of King Drew Hospital. The primary election for the next Supervisor is June 3.

Frank Schiavone

Riverside City Councilman Frank Schiavone addressed a Feb. 9 town hall meeting focusing on temporary workers in Riverside County.

Renee Hendrix

Renee Hendrix is a Medical Unit Clerk for the County of Riverside’s Department of Mental Health. Renee was one of four temporary workers who spoke during the Temporary Workers Town Hall Meeting on February 9, 2008 at the American Legion Post in Riverside, California.

Meet Omar Perez and Linda Dent, two members of SEIU 721

Omar Perez and Linda Dent discuss some of the benefits of union membership. Omar describes a trip to Sacramento to talk to legislators about health care. While Linda takes on the lighter side, talking about theme park discounts she enjoys as a union member.

Justice Can’t Be Temporary–Los Angeles

For thousands of temporary workers in public agencies across the state of California, public employment is anything but secure. In March, nearly 1,000 Los Angeles County temporary “student” workers joined SEIU to fight for fair treatment. Here are some of their stories…