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We’re nurses, social workers, custodians, and clerks. We keep our beaches and parks clean, teach the next generation of leaders, administer safety net resources, and care for Southern California’s most vulnerable populations. And all of us have been on the frontlines of pandemic response since day one.

Through our union, SEIU 721, we’ve negotiated strong contracts that uplift our work and the communities we serve, that have protected us from the worst economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep us safe and healthy on the job.

We’re a multi-racial, multi-generational union with members across all of Southern California and we’re leading the fight in our state for justice on the job, in our communities and for our planet – and we’re winning.

These gains have only been possible because of the hard work of dues-paying SEIU 721 members, but we’re only as strong as our numbers.

We need to keep fighting and winning. We need you.

Sign your digital union card today to lock in your membership and add your voice to the 98,000 members of your union, SEIU 721.

Changing Our Workplaces

Salaries that keep up with the cost of living, benefits that keep our families safe and healthy, a secure retirement. Together in our union, we have the power to negotiate strong contracts that champion the work we do and the communities we serve.

From the bargaining table to the halls of power, the 98,000 members of SEIU 721 have used our collective voice to win real improvements on the job, and we’re not done yet.

As we begin to build back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of our workplaces and the vital services we provide. Our union strength is key to winning a strong future for ourselves and our families.

Changing Our Communities

From Santa Barbara to Orange County, SEIU 721 members have been acting as first responders, springing into action to meet the Coronavirus crisis head-on.

Over the past year, we’ve delivered life-saving care in our communities, administered COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and kept vital public services running through the worst public health crisis in over a century.

We will continue to meet the unprecedented challenges of this moment – together.

Together in our union, we have a powerful voice to advocate for what our communities need – during a pandemic, and for years to come.

Changing Our World

The Fight for $15, racial equity, immigrant rights, environmental justice. Together in our union, we have a strong voice to advocate for the some of the most important issues of our time.

These issues have a direct impact on the work we do and the people we serve. The more our communities thrive, the more we thrive.

At our workplaces, in the streets, and at the ballot box, SEIU 721 members have led the way in demanding stronger environmental protections, humane immigration reform, a higher minimum wage, and an end to the structural racism that has plagued communities of color for centuries.

We’re leading the fight to build power for working people everywhere.