SEIU 721 Members Fired Up for a Fair Economy

Our economy is broken and our rights as workers are being threatened. Here in California and across the country we are dealing with record high unemployment rates, home foreclosures and gas prices while large corporations make record profits and pay nothing in taxes.
The Fight for a Fair Economy is spreading throughout Southern California. SEIU 721 members are taking action to spread the word about who is responsible for breaking our economy and how we can fix it. 

Hard working union members didn’t break this economy. It is time to find solutions to put people back to work, protect our basic rights and demand corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.


“The beginning of our offensive play is getting the community mobilized and educating them that we are getting left behind”
Nady Maechling, LA City Engineering Associate and SEIU 721 Executive Board Member

“If we work together it is very hard to ignore the message of millions and millions of people fighting for our rights” David Green, LA County Social Worker and LACERA Board Member

“We as workers need to change the conversation. We need to get out there and make sure that the public knows what is really happening”
-Cindy Singer, LA County Librarian and SEIU 721 Executive Board Member