Professionals and Engineers Job Class Study Election

UPDATE | September 7, 2011
Congratulations to Craig Kunesh from the Bureau of Engineering and Terry Keating from the Port of Los Angeles. They were elected by their peers to serve on the Professional and Engineering Classification Study Committee.
Full election results:
Craig Kunesh 107 votes
Terry Keating  96 votes
Kesavan Korand 81 votes
Abhai Bhatia  20 votes
August 16, 2011
Los Angeles engineers’ new contract calls for the creation of an important new Professional and Engineering Classification Study Committee
This joint labor-management committee will deal with issues of professional certification, registration and engineering classifications. To read more about this committee, click here.

Meet the Candidates
The committee will be made up of two representatives from MOU 8 and two representatives from MOU 17, four representatives from management and one representative from the CAO’s office. Only two members from MOU 17 submitted nomination forms, so MOU 17 will be represented by:
Farsheed Farhang, Environmental Engineer, Bureau of Sanitation
Christopher Johnson, Geotech Engineer 3, Bureau of Engineering
Congratulations to Farsheed and Christopher.
MOU 8 Elections
Four candidates are running for the two slots from MOU 8. Their statements are below.
Abhai Bhatia
, Control System Engineering Associate I, Bureau of Engineering
No statement provided.
Terry Keating
As a member of our bargaining team, I took the lead role in establishing two committees to pursue gains that could not be realized in our direct negotiations. I want to continue that work on the Professional and Engineering Classification Review Committee.
I am the sole researcher and the author of the 185 page “MOU 8  Article 8 Financial Justification” report that was the impetus for establishing this committee. The report documents the evolving nature of our assigned responsibilities, and directly compares our compensation with the City’s own records of contractor and consultant compensation. This report will be the framework for this committee’s work.
By December 22, 2011, the committee will deliver a new schedule of premium pay, based on the report’s documentation of certifications and licenses that the City recognizes and rewards for consultants, but not for us, while retaining our current schedule of bonus pay.
It is imperative that our two committee representatives know their stuff and be forceful in presenting our case. I believe I have established my credentials by creating the impetus and the framework for both our super committees, and by successfully delivering them.
Please give me your vote and allow me to begin immediately to improve our contract through the Professional and Engineering Classification Review Committee.
Thank you.
Kesavan Korand
Hello Friends: My name is Kesavan Korand and I am a registered Civil Engineer. I have been with the City almost 22 years performing Engineering and professional services for the citizens of Los Angeles.
As you all are aware, there were letters of intent with the settlement of our recent MOU 8 & 17 contracts, to create two (2) brand new city wide joint labor management committees for the welfare of MOU 8 & 17 members. The first one was labeled as “Joint Initiative for Maximizing Engineering Efficiency (JIMEE)”. The second letter of intent was labeled as “Job Class Study Committee” to evaluate present job classifications relative to registration fees and certifications.
The election for the Job Class Study Committee for MOU 8 is around the corner. Four candidates are running for the two (2) slots from MOU 8. I plan to serve on this committee to make a fair deal for every single member irrespective of their civil job classifications under MOU 8.
I hope that you will give me the privilege and support my candidacy to serve on this “Job Class Study Committee” and work for the welfare of MOU 8 members.
I personally feel that my past and current credentials will excel above all other candidates. My first and foremost priority is to put members first.  
Please Vote for me.
Thank you.
Craig Kunesh
My name is Craig Kunesh and I am excited to be running for a position to represent MOU 8 members in the joint labor management committee, which will evaluate our current job classifications, fees, and registrations.
For the past 19 years, I have worked for the City of Los Angeles with the Dept. of General Services, Dept. of Water and Power, and the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) in several different civil service job classifications, with the past 11 years as an Engineering Geologist Associate with the BOE.  During my time with the City, I have provided services to many of the divisions within the BOE, as well as the Dept. of Building and Safety, City Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Sanitation, Bureau of Street Services, Dept. of General Services, Dept. of Water and Power, Dept. of Airports, and many of the Council Offices. 
I believe that I am well qualified to represent MOU 8 on the committee because I have experience working in more than one job classification, I have worked with many different professionals in a variety of job classifications within the City, and I have two professional licenses issued by the State of California.   
If elected, my goals will be to (1) evaluate our present job classifications relative to licenses and certifications; (2) review the compensation we receive from our different licenses and certifications, and (3) recommend changes in order to improve the compensation we, as professionals, receive for our earning and maintaining our licenses and certifications.
Come Watch the Vote Count
As always, members are welcome to watch the vote count, which will take place at Local 721 on August 31 at 5PM.
If you have any questions, please contact Paul Kim at or (213) 738-8427.