Election Victories in Two Local City Council Races

generic city hall.jpgOn April 10, SEIU 721 members and staff supported victories in two local city elections.  As residents in more than 30 small cities, SEIU 721 members play active roles in the communities where they live and work.
In the City of La Puente, COPE members endorsed Dan Holloway (incumbent), Charlie Klinakis and Violeta Lewis
.  The candidates were supported by members participating in phone banks and precinct walking.  All three candidates won and will be joining David Argudo a previously endorsed candidate on the La Puente City Council later this month.
In the City of Santa Clarita, thousands of public library supporters and SEIU 721 members helped defeat one of the most vocal advocates for library privatization, Laurie Ender.  This was only the third time an incumbent had lost a council seat and the first time a sitting mayor lost in Santa Clarita. Timben Boydston
who was elected to the city council has expressed his commitment to transparency in local government and making the libraries public again.
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