Ventura County Animal Control Workers Handle Offbeat Animals

Ventura County Animal Control members have their hands full with the large number of exotic animals that are ending up in county animal shelters.  The Ventura County Star ran a front-page story on the strange collection of animals and how members are handling the situation.
In the article, SEIU 721 members Seth Hipple (far left) and Tony Ochoa (far right) are seen carrying a massive Burmese python. 
Here’s an excerpt from the Ventura County Star:
Reporter John Scheibe writes:
“As with all other pets left at the shelter, workers examined the python for problems and found it had a small injury that needed to be stitched up.”
Fortunately for workers, the snake was accustomed to being handled by its owner and was a lot more congenial than other reptiles that have gone through the shelter.”

Later in the story, some of the other unusual shelter residents cared for by our workers are described:
“…the shelter generally has at least one exotic animal. Recent guests have included boas, an alligator and a dragon lizard. The dragon lizard, which can reach a length of 11 feet or more, was found in an area field.”

You can read more about the odd creatures our animal control workers handle on
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