SEIU 721 Steward Takes Action to Provide Wellness Program in Camarillo

Updated July 9, 2012
The County of Ventura officially announced the first of the Wellness Agency classes in the Camarillo office.

After 200 members moved into the new child support services Verdugo office in Camarillo, they were much further from Wellness services in Ventura. SEIU 721 steward, Shannon Abramovitch, took the initiative by reaching out to management and requesting a Wellness program there in the Camarillo facility. The first steps in the process have begun.
“There are some classes located at Fire in Camarillo, but the closest full set of classes is at the Government Center which is over 20 miles away.  Workers would have to take off time just to use those services so it makes sense to set up a program here in Camarillo,” said Abramovitch, a child support services specialist.
Next steps
A survey was sent out to all workers at the location and the top 10 most popular classes were identified. The next step is to work with the Wellness Program to plan out which of those classes can be implemented at the Camarillo location.
“If you stand up for good, good things can happen in your worksite. These Wellness services will help us keep a healthy work environment,” said Abramovitch.
Show your support for Wellness Program services in your Ventura County worksite by contacting your steward or worksite organizer.
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