LA County Members Approve 2012-2013 Contract

Our SEIU 721 Bargaining Policy Committee (BPC) fought to ensure that our pension is not changed and rising healthcare costs are covered.  The agreement includes no changes in retirement, so at least for now, the County has backed away from proposals to reduce pensions or retiree medical benefits.
Approving the contract is the first step in our two-year plan to get raises in 2013. The BPC two-year bargaining strategy, approved by members at the March Contract Summit, lays out a plan to defend benefits in 2012 and seek additional revenue to negotiate future raises in 2013. Now that we’ve successfully defended our benefits – we must focus our attention to seek revenue by passing Prop 30 on the November ballot.
Prop 30, known as the Millionaires Tax, would:
  • Raise $9 billion in new revenue from incomes above $500K.
  • Guarantee counties funding for critical public safety and service programs.
  • Generate 90% of taxes from the 1%, while the rest of us would pay just 1 penny on a 12-pack of Coke!

YES-on-30-NO-on-31-button-web.jpgWe must also come together to stop the deceptive special exemptions – Vote NO on Prop. 32.  Prop 32 is a one-two punch that would silence the voice of workers and open the door to end collective bargaining.
We can savor our success at the bargaining table for now, but this will be a bittersweet victory if we do not PASS Prop. 30 and DEFEAT Prop 32 in November.