Inglewood City Council Supports Raising the Federal Minimum Wage

Joe-Watson_Speakingx595.jpgMomentum for raising the federal minimum wage is building one city at a time.
On Tuesday, Sept. 11, the five-member Inglewood City Council unanimously passed a resolution to support a federal minimum wage increase from the current $7.25 to $9.80 per hour.
Members of SEIU 721 from Inglewood, activists with Good Jobs LA and Inglewood community members voiced support for the resolution, which was introduced by Council Member Ralph L. Franklin. By adopting the resolution, the Inglewood City Council also authorized the mayor to send the resolution to Inglewood’s federal legislators on behalf of the city.
During public comment, Joseph Watson, SEIU 721 Inglewood chapter president and technician in the city’s Public Works Department, spoke to the Council: 
“I support raising the federal minimum wage and the City Council should too. If the city weighs in on the side of working people, this is good for everyone. It shows support for fairer wages for workers across the country.”
In introducing his resolution, Council Member Franklin said, “It is critical to move the middle class up in this country and to alert Congress that we urgently need to pass this legislation.” 
Council Member Judy Dunlap also spoke strongly in favor of the resolution: “We need to do everything that we can to enhance what working people make. This is our duty as elected officials, to support families and try to help them live with dignity.”
It has been three years since workers saw an increase in the minimum wage. Tipped workers haven’t seen a pay increase since 1991. Right now, tipped workers get just $2.13 an hour.
The Rebuild America Act, introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), would increase the minimum wage in three steps over three years. The rate would then be indexed to inflation each year thereafter. It would also raise the minimum wage of tipped workers significantly.