Saving LA City Jobs

conventioncenter.jpgTogether, we are keeping city jobs safe.
Because of our efforts, the City Council decided not to rush forward with a plan to privatize the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Mayor Villaraigosa and CAO Miguel Santana have been trying to privatize the Convention Center for months. The City Council was going take up privatization proposals this week. But we took action to stop it. Over the past few days, dozens of our union sisters and brothers met with Council members to let them know we strongly oppose any plan that takes middle-class jobs out of our city. We are protecting the reputation and operations built by the center and our members.
Stay Alert
The mayor and CAO still would like to transfer the Convention Center into private hands and do away with our jobs. This issue could come back to the City Council as soon as Nov. 20. We need to stay engaged and alert to keep our Convention Center public.
To join the team to protect city jobs, call LA/OC Cities Regional Coordinator Jason Elias: (213) 368-8620. 
In solidarity,
Maria Trujillo
Event Attendant, Los Angeles Convention Center