SEIU Field Campaign Milestone: More Than 1 Million Doors Knocked!

election_2012_topper_color_web.jpgMore than 300 California SEIU members traveled to Las Vegas and Reno to register new voters and talk to people about President Obama. Thirteen SEIU 721 members attended the first Weekend Warrior trip Sept. 29-30 and spoke to hundreds of enthusiastic voters.
President Obama arrived in Las Vegas to speak at a rally and even mentioned the sea of purple volunteers visiting Nevada over the weekend and many of the voters were expecting our visits.
From Virginia to Nevada, SEIU members were out in force over the weekend, registering voters and talking to communities about the importance of re-electing President Obama. On September 29th, more than 2,000 volunteers knocked on nearly 100,000 doors and SEIU’s boots on the ground campaign reached a milestone: SEIU members knocked on our one millionth door this weekend!
Regina Cole_LA Community College_80x80.jpg“This was an amazing experience,” said Regina Cole, Supervisor of Operations Los Angeles Community College
. “At one home we registered the entire family including their son who just turned 18 years old!”
With five weeks to go until Election Day, SEIU members are dedicated to knocking on 500,000 more doors and reaching our goal of making 13 million phone calls. As we enter the final stretch of the campaign, SEIU members are on pace to register 600,000 new voters.
By the end of the campaign, more than 200,000 members will have spoken to their neighbors, coworkers and friends about how President Obama stands with working families and is dedicated to moving us forward together.
Do you have what it takes to be a Weekend Warrior for President Obama?
To participate in the Oct. 20-21 Weekend Warrior trip to Las Vegas you must:•
Be a current COPE member.
•Completed ONE Walk Shift or TWO Phone Shifts to defeat Prop. 32 and support Prop. 30.
•Be prepared to walk and talk to voters for 10-12 hours over the weekend.
If you are interested in participating, contact the Government Relations Department at (213) 368-8602.
Click on the link below to view photos of the Weekend Warriors.