WANTED: Employee-Friendly Ventura City Manager

Cary-Glenn-Ventura-City-Council-City-Mgr.jpgWith the departure of the City of Ventura’s City Manager, Rick Cole, in September, the search is on to find a replacement. SEIU Local 721 member Cary Glenn nspoke at last night’s Ventura City Council meeting to urge the council to expand its candidate search criteria to include someone who works well with the City’s employees.
“I realize that the suggested list of attributes and qualifications listed in the Administrative Report are presented as a starting point, but I do, however, want to point out that the list primarily focuses on our external customers,” said Glenn, the City’s Community Partnerships Supervisor.
Cary-Glenn-80.jpg“Please do not overlook the importance of finding a leader that is capable of rebuilding the morale of our dedicated and hardworking City employees who serve the public,” Glenn continued.
SEIU 721 City of Ventura members recently sent a letter to Ventura Mayor Mike Tracy showing interest in being part of the city manager selection process. The letter was signed by Glenn and 12 other stewards and member leaders from various units.
After discussion, the Council voted to include Glenn’s suggestions in the selection criteria.
It’s more important than ever for members to get involved in the selection of city executives.  Five cities in Ventura County have lost city executives over the past few months.
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