City Workers Defeat Riordan

We are on a roll. First, we defeated Prop 32. Then, we pushed back multi-millionaire Richard Riordan.
Riordan announced this week that he had to scrap his plan to eliminate city workers’ pensions because he couldn’t get enough signatures from LA city voters. Not only did he have trouble getting signatures, but also many people who initially signed Riordan’s petition decided to withdraw their names once we educated them on what his plans really were.
In less than two weeks, city workers and allies convinced over 10,000 people to withdraw their names from Riordan’s petition.
“Richard Riordan’s scheme to make trash truck drivers, street pavers and tree trimmers retire into poverty has failed because the citizens of Los Angeles value the men and women who serve their community. City residents weren’t about to let a bunch of billionaires rewrite city policies. As we have been saying for a long time, Riordan’s half-baked plan wasn’t thought out. It was risky and would have cost the city more money. Riordan’s plan died because it was bad for city workers and the city we serve.”

Simboa Wright
LA city Sanitation Worker

Riordan is gone for now, but the rumor is that he and his billionaire friends may restart their campaign in the coming days or weeks. If you see them, call the 721 Rapid Response Hotline immediately: (877) 721-4968. 
Read the front page LA Times article about Riordan’s defeat.