SEIU 721 Members Pave the Road to Election Victory

Yolanda Roybal Goes to Washington!

Yolanda Roybal_DC Trip_240x180.jpgOn January 21, 2013; Yolanda Roybal, a Los Angeles County Patient Financial Services Worker and SEIU 721 member along with her son, will be watching President Obama be sworn in for his second term. She will enjoy the occasion knowing she played a role in helping get him re-elected, her election volunteer efforts made a difference in her community, and she won an experience of a lifetime.

Turning the Tide on Cuts
Over the last few years, SEIU 721 members have lived up to the challenge of providing communities quality services while having fewer resources and personally enduring lay-offs, furloughs and reduced pay. Additionally, members felt the impact of budget cuts to the schools where they send their children. But in early 2012, SEIU 721 members decided to take action and help get on the November ballot a revenue option that would help stop the cut and that was Proposition 30.
“From the beginning, I knew we must get the Governor’s tax initiative on the ballot and we did it but that was the just the first step. The harder part was to get voters to pass it.” – Yolanda Roybal, LA County Patient Financial Services Worker
The Road to Victory and DC
SEIU 721 members didn’t just sit back and wait for Prop. 30 to pass… they went to work! Last spring, SEIU 721 members collected nearly 10,000 signatures to help qualify Prop. 30 for the November ballot (statewide SEIU members collected 100,000 signatures.) Then in late summer, SEIU 721 member leaders held worksite meetings to discuss the fall election and submitted more than 5,000 postcards committing to vote Yes on Prop. 30 and No on Prop 32 with an additional commitment to speak with another 10,000 voters.
In early fall, almost 600 SEIU 721 members began volunteering to educate voters about the propositions through phone banking and knocking on doors. Every time members volunteered they were given a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Keurig Coffee Maker, Ipad or trip to the inauguration. Their hard work paid off, President Obama was reelected, Prop. 30 passed, providing much needed relief to schools and county public safety service, and at the same time Prop. 32 was defeated, allowing the voices of workers to continue to speak out.  
After the election was over, the SEIU 721 Executive Board randomly drew the names of the winners of the election shift raffle prizes:

Yolanda Roybal (25 volunteer shifts): Trip for two to Washington DC for the President Obama’s Inauguration (airfare and hotel)
Krikor BaghboudarianRaffle winner_150x150.jpg
Krikor Baghboudarian,
LA County Region: Ipad 2
Patricia Keyes Raffle Winner_250x250_edited-1.jpg
Patricia Keyes, 
LA County Region member: Ipad 2

Ross Gutierrez raffle winner_150x150_edited-1.jpg
Ross Gutierrez
, Inland Area Region: Keiurig Coffee Maker and Coffee

Keenan Sheedy Volunteer Raffle winner_150x150_edited-1.jpg
Keenan Sheedy
, LA County Region: Keurig Coffee Maker and Coffee