Mayor of Wall Street or LA?

Jake-Miller_Animal-Care-Technician_CROPx80.jpgDid you hear what the mayor is doing?
First, he went after our jobs and slashed our pensions. Now, he’s pushing his cutback agenda on tens of millions of people across the country.
Mayor Villaraigosa just joined the steering committee of “Fix the Debt,” a lobbying group made up of Wall Street CEO’s who aim to balance the U.S. budget on the backs of working families. Here’s Fix the Debt’s plan:
  • Make Bush’s tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires¬†permanent.
  • Slash corporate tax rates and protect big banks’ offshore income.
  • Raise the retirement age and cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security
This is a test of character for LA’s top politician. Does the mayor care about working people or is he now Wall Street’s man? Almost 12,000 people have signed a petition urging the mayor to resign from Fix the Debt
. You should sign it too.

Sign the petition.

The mayor needs to walk away from Fix the Debt and change his tune. After all, he’s got a job in LA for seven more months and we expect him to pay attention to our city’s financial challenges. He should search for ways to strengthen the city workforce and the services we provide–not participate in the 1%’s attack on middle-class workers.

Jacob Miller
LA City Animal Care Technician
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