Respiratory Therapist Pocketbooks Get a Breath of Fresh Air

RT-Check.jpgSEIU 721 Respiratory Therapist members win back pay from the County of Ventura for missed breaks and lunches during years where management failed to provide proper scheduling coverage to do so.
“We were able to win this because we stuck together and didn’t give up on the process.”
-Mark Richmond, Respiratory Therapist, VCMC

SEIU 721 members knew that it would be an uphill battle to get management to acknowledge that Respiratory Therapists had to receive breaks during their shifts. What started as individual grievances back in October of 2011 has finally materialized in the form of back pay. Respiratory Therapists at the Ventura County Medical Center (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Therapists) and at Santa Paula Hospital were not provided sufficient coverage by management to take lunch or breaks for over 5 years. These therapists also work 12-hour shifts.
Respiratory Therapists (referred to as “RTs”) often serve hospital patients who are in severe conditions. It is important for them to be on the spot for any emergency and they must be “present” to be able to effectively handle critical situations. It is unreasonable to think that RTs can work a full day and not have the opportunity to have breaks to help them stay sharp.
When we stand up and fight back, we win!
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