Deanna McCormick Wins VCERA Election

deanna-flag-300.jpgDeanna McCormick, RN, handily won the Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) retirement board election. Deanna is a proud member of the California Nurses Association and has been working as a registered nurse and coroner’s assistant for over 20 years in the County of Ventura.
Deanna was endorsed by SEIU 721 members and the Ventura County Coalition of Unions, of which SEIU 721 is an active member.
“Please join me in congratulating the successful Ventura Coalition of County Unions campaign to elect Deanna McCormick RN, BSN, JD to the Ventura County Employees Retirement Association.
County Employee Retirement Boards provide for 2 of 9 Trustees to represent the interests of General Members. The election of Deanna McCormick RN, along with my own election just over a year ago, restores rank and file members to the VCERA Board.  

There, along with our other Labor allies in Public Safety, we can best advance the interests of rank and file workers while we preserve the goal of Secure Retirement for our members.”
-Tom Johnston, Executive Board Member, Tri-Counties Region, SEIU 721 and General Member Trustee, Ventura County Employee’s Retirement Association
In a time when our pensions are under attack, it is important to have a board member who is familiar with the needs of working families and who will work to ensure a secure retirement.
Congratulations to Deanna on her victory!
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