“We’re Doing the Hard Work” says Art Mora

Art-Mora.JPGSEIU 721 member Art Mora, Public Works Maintenance Worker for the County of Ventura, spoke at the May 7, 2013, Board of Supervisors meeting. Art shares what he does at work and how the County of Ventura works because we do. The SEIU 721 County of Ventura Bargaining Committee is currently in negotiations with the County.
My name is Art Mora and on a personal note, I thank those responsible for keeping the Cross on the County Logo. 
I work for Public Works Agency as a Public Works Maintenance Worker. I am also an active SEIU 721 member. I support the SEIU 721 Bargaining Committee and the reasonable proposals submitted by the Committee. I was born in Ventura and I am a retired welder from The Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, where I worked at many large and small construction projects, including seven years at Amgen, and several years at Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant. I also hold inspector certificates. I know the importance of high quality work.
Along with the Vision and Mission Statement at Public Works, I help keep the roads safe. Whether it’s hot or raining, we keep roads safe for our community. One thing that many have noticed is that there is a lot more traffic on the roads. That means more traffic is flying right by us. That makes working on street projects more complicated, dangerous, and stressful. 
We’ve had some close calls.
I’m also a part of the ongoing Kaizen Training the County is using. With management’s help at Saticoy Public Works, I actually helped start one of the first official Process Improvement Committees in Ventura County. I have a lot of ideas on how the County can continue to improve, especially by improving the relationship between management and labor. This type of involvements can help get more workers on board with participating in process improvement efforts.
On the Core Values here- Character, Workers, and Services, are invaluable, important resources.
Another part of helping workers become even more engaged is by granting us the raise we deserve. We are doing the hard work; we are doing more with less and are trying to improve our workplaces. 
It’s time for a raise.
Ventura County works because Public Works Maintenance Workers Do.

> View the video of Art Mora’s speech at the County of Ventura Board of Supervisors meeting.
(Art’s comments start at 26:22 into the public comments segment.)
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