We Rallied for Healthcare in Sacramento

WebpostCollage.jpgOn June 12, SEIU 721 members climbed into buses and drove overnight to Sacramento. We went to let the Legislature know we are off to a good start, with a budget agreement that protects the healthcare safety net for millions of Californians, but we need to keep moving forward on healthcare.

  • Pass the Medi-Cal expansion bills. ABX1 1 (Pérez) and SBX1 1 (Steinberg and Hernandez) will allow millions of lower-income Californians to get coverage starting January 2014.
  • Finalize the budget agreement to protect the healthcare safety net to keep building a stronger.
  • Close the Wal-Mart loophole. We can’t let big corporations undermine the Affordable Care Act by reducing.
  • Keep focusing on the remaining uninsured.  SEIU members won’t rest until everyone has access to healthcare.

California is leading the way. Let’s keep moving forward with a full and inclusive vision of healthcare reform.
80x80_lawrence_reyes_SubstanceAbuseCouncilor_DMH.jpg“I got on the bus because I care. We are laying the ground work for a California healthcare system that works for everyone. It matters to me what California looks like in the generations to come. Our work today is going to have a real impact on the future.”
— Lawrence Reyes, Substance Abuse Councilor, Department of Mental Health

80x80_eileen.mears.eligibilityworker.jpg“I decided that my voice needed to get heard. I came to Sacramento to put a face to the statistics. This budget affects real people and I came to Sacramento to tell our stories.”
— Eileen Mears, Eligibility Worker, East Venture County Intake

Thumbnail image for 80x80.patricia.housen.oliveview.jpg“I have come to every single rally and lobby visit. Everyone should have healthcare because it is the most cost effective and compassionate thing to do.”
— Patricia Housen, LVN, Olive View Medical Center