City Workers Secure Quality, Affordable Healthcare

A Better Deal for LA
SEIU 721 members just ensured quality healthcare coverage for city workers and saved money.
By selecting Blue Shield, LA will save $8.7 million in healthcare costs next year.
What Happened?
At the recent Joint Labor Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC) meeting, city workers urged the committee to adopt Blue Shield and Kaiser as LA city’s insurance carries for the next three years.
The JLMBC agreed. Costly Anthem Blue Cross lost out.
We also prevented co-pays and deductibles from rising. There will be no increases through 2014.
“Management has been telling us that we need to pay more for our healthcare benefits. The savings we just accomplished by adopting Blue Shield changes the conversation. Now, there’s no need for takeaways.”
-Myran Cotton, LA City Parking Attendant

What if I Have Blue Cross?
Your benefits won’t change in 2014. You’ll be able to choose Blue Shield or Kaiser during the annual open enrollment period in Oct. 2013.
Can I Keep My Doctor?
If you’re enrolled in the PPO or full HMO network, your medical provider (doctor/medical group) won’t change. You’ll have access to UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai.
Ninety-five percent of city workers in the narrow HMO network won’t experience a change either, but some could be affected.
SEIU 721 will monitor the city’s transition to Blue Shield and work hard to make it a smooth one. 
It’s our priority to prevent any disruption in care for city workers.
Download a flyer to post at your worksite.
For more info, contact your Worksite Organizer or the SEIU 721 Member Connection: (877) 721-4968.