My Contract is For My Family

We're serious about winning --and management needs to get the message: We'll do what it takes to protect our communities, our families and our futures.

We have the strength and the numbers to win a great contract, but everyone has to go on a Unity Break on October 1.
If you haven't already signed up for October 1st, you can do that by clicking here.  It's time for everyone to step up and take this campaign to the next level. 
You might think you don't have time, but I am here to tell you that you can't afford to stay on the sidelines.
We have gone without raises for four years and now the County wants to raise the premium on our family healthcare coverage. My family depends on me for its healthcare insurance. I know I am not alone. I have co-workers who have partners and children with chronic illnesses that require dependable and affordable healthcare. 
I am taking action on October 1 because my family is counting on me. You might be taking action because of workload safety or because you want corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes. It doesn't matter what your reason is. Your reason is my reason because we're one union, and on October 1 we are speaking with one voice.

Gisela Batres
Clinical Social Worker
Mid Valley Health Center