LACERA Employees Win Tentative Agreement

After months of negotiating, the Bargaining Team did it. They secured a strong contract that scores wins for all LACERA employees. Here are the highlights:
-Raise! 9% raise over three years. The first 3% kicks in on Jan. 1, 2014.
-Money for Training: $75,000 per year in the training and career development fund.
-Electronic bulletin board: New job announcements will be posted in the office and emailed to all employees.
-No Healthcare Cost Increases: The County agreed to raise its contribution to the Options plan by 7.2%.
“It’s a fair deal. We haven’t had raises for five years, so it’s great to have an increase. Best of all, we were able to keep medical benefits intact. The Bargaining Team recommends voting ‘yes’ to approve this contract.”
-Elsy Gutierrez, LACERA Supervisor and Bargaining Team Member 
The ratification vote will happen on Dec. 26. Only SEIU 721 members can vote. Join the union to have a say on your contract.
Download a flyer to post at your worksite.
For more information, contact your Worksite Organizer Earl Thompson: (213) 300-5529.
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