Simi Valley Members Ratify Tentative Agreement

ratification-vote-header-image.jpgSEIU 721 members in the City of Simi Valley voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tentative agreement with a 97% Yes vote.

“Members saw that good preparation for bargaining, active member participation and fighting for our priorities helped us win a strong contract.”-Nancy Fisher, President of the Simi Valley Chapter Board and Bargaining Committee Member

The tentative agreement includes a salary increase, and increases to “Simi Flex”, uniform allowances, annual leave, crewleader/lead worker pay and improvements in tuition reimbursement language.

Members participated in onsite voting on January 7 and the votes were counted that same evening.

The tentative agreement goes to city council for two hearings in January for council approval.

For questions, contact a Bargaining Committee member or Chief Negotiator Laura Espinosa at

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