Don’t Retire in California! What?!

In a state as beautiful, innovative and sunny as California, you would think everyone would want to retire here. Unfortunately most California’s will not have the means to retire, according to a report by The National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS).

NRIS released a state-by-state analysis of economic pressures facing future retirees.  The report is being released in conjunction with their annual policy conference to be held today in D.C.

The report Financial Security Scorecard: A State-by-State Analysis of Economic Pressures Facing Future Retirees ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia relative to three areas:  potential retirement income; major retiree costs such as housing and health care; and labor market conditions.
The report provides a relative ranking of each state based on the anticipated ability of all of its residents to reach a secure retirement.

California falls at the bottom of the list, which emphasizes the importance of working on retirement security solutions here in California.  

Read the full report here. 

Get involved in the campaign to make retirement possible in California. We all deserve a secure retirement.