Social Security and the 1%

On April 17, most of America’s wealthiest citizens will stop paying Social Security taxes. Once the payroll contribution cap of $117,000 is reached, millionaires and billionaires stop paying into the system, while the vast majority of Americans pay on all of their salary – all year long.

The American people know that Social Security benefits are earned through hard work no matter what their income bracket. These benefits provide financial stability for individuals, families and communities during times of transition starting at retirement, the onset of a disability or the loss of a spouse.

Even though most public sector workers don’t earn social security, we do care about it. We believe all people should have retirement security, and a strong social security system is one way to ensure that all Americans can retire with dignity.

It is time for the 1% to pay the same rate as the 99%. Click here to sign the petition urging Congress to lift the cap and increase Social Security benefits for all Americans:

With your help we can lift up the voices of many Senators and members of the House of Representatives who understand that Social Security is a foundational system and that millionaires and billionaires must pay the same rate as the rest of us to make it stronger. But there are others who still need to hear from you.

SEIU will deliver the petitions in person on April 17. Make sure your signature is included!