Sharing Our Stories in Sacramento

Court Lobby Day_May 20_2014.JPGSEIU 721 members are on the front lines of providing public service and can be the best advocates for public services. Through COPE, members are able to testify in hearings, meet with legislators and communicate to the public at large.

In the last couple of months, more than 100 SEIU 721 members have traveled to Sacramento to make sure that as California’s economy recovers, vulnerable residents aren’t left behind.

Traveling by van, bus or plane; SEIU 721 members were committed to sharing with legislators the importance of supporting legislation that would improve public services. Whether we are seeking better funding for safetynet services or improved safety protections for patients in hospitals; SEIU 721 members have a voice and are not afraid to use it. These trips along including local meetings with the public and legislators are made possibleHollyMitchell_April 2014 lobby day.jpeg through COPE donations.  Without the commitment of working men and women, vital legislation would not get introduced or passed. COPE also makes it possible to elect candidates that care about public services and issues facing working families.