¡Si, Mi Familia Vota! – Why it is Important to Vote

martha_mieles_mi_familia_vota_102114_500px.jpgMartha Mieles delivered remarks at Mi Familia Vota’s Get Out the Vote kick off. I’m an immigrant from El Salvador whose family came to the United States for a brighter future. My father’s most valued liberty was the right to vote. He instilled in all of us the importance and responsibility of voting.

As a social worker for the County of Riverside, I’ve visited families that have experienced poverty, abuse and violence. From these experiences I began to realize how important the political and legislative processes affect our daily lives and that we need to be informed on a candidate’s position on an issue. Sometimes the only relief people get is through laws that can protect them.

After 20 years of public service, I retired five months ago, and decided to help SEIU 721 with the fight in protecting public employee’s rights and to help member’s realize that voting is an important way for us to have a voice in our daily lives.

So whether you vote by mail, or at the polls, please remember that every vote counts, and –YES – My Family Votes!

Martha Mieles, is a retired SEIU 721 Riverside County social worker and steward who is now volunteering in the Inland Region.

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