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Overwhelming 86% yes vote for a strike and full backing from community leaders and clergy allows 10,000 members to escalate their fight with rallying cry “Our Streets, Not Wall Street!”

Ten days after initiating a strike authorization vote, City of LA workers united in SEIU 721 concluded the vote this evening. Member leaders conducted the final ballot count at their local union hall, with dozens of designated volunteers on hand to tally and check ballot boxes from worksites from every major City of LA Department spanning the San Fernando Valley to the Harbor. A strike by LA City workers would be the first one in over three decades. The following is a statement on behalf of Stacee Karnya, Los Angeles City employee in the Environmental Monitoring Division and member of the bargaining team.

“Nine months ago we began a journey determined to Fix LA by protecting and growing the good jobs that keep our city running, and tonight our overwhelming vote authorizing a strike demonstrates the determination of thousands of hardworking men and women to improve the communities we live in and serve. Casting a ‘yes’ vote for a strike is never easy, but workers have been left with little choice because we do not have a firm commitment from City Hall on our proposals that would generate revenue to fix our streets, trim our trees, clean our beaches, help children get to schools safely, and ensure our own kids have a secure future. We are now ready to strike if that is what it takes for Mayor Garcetti and the City Council to finally address what ails Los Angeles and lift up hope for the neighborhoods that depend on the services we provide.

“The next few days promise to be full of energy and an unwavering resolve at the picket line, at City Hall and anywhere else we need to make our voices heard: It is time to stop funding Wall Street and start fixing our streets! We are grateful for the full support of clergy, neighborhood leaders and residents, because at the end of the day this fight is for our families, our communities and our city.”
If you have further questions contact the Member Connection at 1.877.721.4968.