ResCare’s Orange County Workers Vote to join SEIU 721!

The victory at these Orange County sites bookmark yet another win for Developmental Disability Workers at ResCare. In 2013, workers at ResCare’s Hy-Lond Home facility in Garden Grove also voted to join SEIU 721 despite an intense boss fight brought on by management.

Like their Hy-Lond brothers and sisters, this group of determined ResCare workers voted yes to finally bring fair wages, accessible and affordable healthcare, and better working conditions along with a platform for ResCare workers to speak out without retaliation. 


“I voted YES because I’ve worked as a union member before and I know first-hand what a tremendous difference it can make on the job,” says Core Wise. 

“Working together as a union affords us the power to win better pay and benefits to not just survive, but to thrive in Los Angeles.”

ResCare workers have many reasons to celebrate but now more than ever they vowed to stick together to win a meaningful and equitable contract with ResCare. They know all to well that when you fight, you win!

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for updates!