Inland Region Candidate Statements


Bob Schoonover (721 M1st)

As your President I’ve led a united and experienced team with a proven track record. In the face of frozen wages and cuts to benefits, the 721 Member’s First team delivered strong contracts and key victories across our regions. We delivered raises, fought off concessions, protected benefits, and secured our retirement. 

True leaders don’t create followers, they create leaders. 

Now is the time to vote for the dedicated team of leaders with the experience to do much more to lift up our members and their families.

Please vote for the 721 Members First slate! Learn more at

Oscar Valladares (Save721)

As a current Board Member and active member for the last 10 years, I’m deeply concern about the future of our union. Millions of dollars spent fighting members who want to leave our union for lack of representation, a depleted strike fund and out-of-control spending on political campaigns and consultants without any accountability. After 25 years of the same leadership, it is time to change the direction and save our union. I ask for your vote to bring True Representation, Financial Transparency and Accountability. Our children deserve a union – Vote for entire Save SEIU 721 Slate.  

Vice President

Linda Dent (721 M1st)

Bargaining with the nation’s largest county is not an easy task, but our 721 Member’s First team has proven it can get the job done. I’m the current Vice President and I’m asking for your vote so we can continue on a winning path. We’ve won significant contract gains including raises and enhanced health benefits. Our winning team has the experience and commitment to keep building a better future for our members.

I’ve been an Intermediate Clerk in LA County for 38 years. I am also a Steward and Bargaining Policy Chair, and together we can build on our victories. 


David Green (721 M1st)

I’m running for re-election as Treasurer as part of the 721 Members First winning team.

I’ve spent 15 years as a Children’s Social Worker with the LA County Department of Children & Family Services. As a long-time Union Steward and Vice President of SEIU 535, I’ve represented more than 500 members, served on two bargaining teams as chair, vice chairman of the LACERA Board of Investments and was elected to the LACERA Board of Investments to help oversee LA County’s $47 billion pension fund.

To continue to fight for social workers and all public workers, I need your vote!

Yolonda Lawrence

Its election time again!  This is where our voices the members of SEIU721 can be heard “Loud and Clear.” This is the time where we can let it be known that we the members want our Union back! My name is Yolonda Lawrence and I’ve been a member since 2000 and actively participating Steward since 2008 I serve as Co-Chair for the (JLM) and (MDT), completing my Master’s degree in Business.  I was elected for the Democratic Committee in the Antelope Valley. Please vote Yolonda Lawrence for “Treasurer” let’s make 2016 a successful and great year for us the member’s


Lillian Cabral (721 M1st)

Member voices were key in our recent victories, and must continue to be key as we move forward on a winning path to strong contracts. I’m running for re-election as Secretary of SEIU 721 because I’m ready to continue using my solid experience of 30 years as a Union Steward and activist to strengthen representation for all members. 

Member participation and action is at the heart of our union; uniting our diverse voices is key to building on our victories.  

I am proud to stand with the 721 Members First slate and ask for your vote for the entire team.

Statements for Inland Region Executive Board Candidates

Rebecca Bain (721 M1st)

For the past 14 years I’ve served as a Respiratory Therapist in Riverside County. I take great pride in the work my fellow public workers and I do. I have lived in San Jacinto for about 15 years and I have witnessed first hand just how key the services we provide are to our communities. I believe our work must be valued, properly compensated and respected.

I’m running as part of the 721 Member’s first slate and ask for your vote so that together we can fight for strong contracts and a fair workplace.  

Tim Burke (721 M1st)

I ask that you cast your vote for me and the entire 721 Members First team to stay on the winning path.

As a member of the Executive Board, I will continue to work to make Local 721 a stronger and more effective union. I will continue to ensure that every member of the region has the opportunity to have their voices heard – whether you work for a large employer like the County of Riverside, or at a smaller employer like a city or water agency. 

By supporting the 721 Members First team and myself, we can make it happen together. 

Oracio Diaz (721 M1st)

I am a 14-year San Bernardino County Social Worker and I was instrumental in the movement to decertify our old association and join SEIU 721.

In the short time we have been 721 members, I’ve seen a huge difference in representation, and I look forward to building off this momentum as an Executive Board Member. 

I’m currently part of the bargaining team and a C.A.T. member, and we’re united in our fight for a strong contract.

As a Board Member, I will make it my mission to build an even stronger union, and be a strong voice for all members.

Cammie Dudek (721 M1st)

It has been a privilege to serve you as a member of the SEIU 721 Executive Board the past 2 years.  I have been an SEIU member for the past 15 years, and I became actively involved because I believe in fighting for equality and fairness. I believe it is important to ensure all our members have a strong and united voice in the workplace. As a Victim Advocate, I work hard to defend and empower people who have been wrongly victimized so they can take back their lives. 

Please support our 721 Members First Team!

Carolyn Notte 


Roger Nunez (721 M1st)

I’m currently employed with County of Riverside Children Services in Indio, CA. I operate from the basic premise that our working brothers and sisters deserve honest pay for an honest days work, and the ability to have quality health care and benefits. 

SEIU 721 has provided me the opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills, and has trained me be an advocate for our members. I intend to use my experience as a Union Steward, Labor Management Organizing Membership, and other labor organizing experiences to champion our members.

Visit for more info or at

Corinne Parker (721 M1st)

I’ve worked for the City of Riverside since 1989, and I learned that the best way to stand up for fairness and equality in the workplace was to become active in our union.  As a member of the bargaining team, I have helped workers fight for fair wages, maintain rights, and protect benefits. 

As an Inland Regional Council member, I’ve worked hard to build relationships with union leaders and pro-labor organizations. As your rep on the Central Labor Council of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, I know we are stronger when we work together. 

Jeffrey Ronayne

From, Total Benefits and pay of the Board of Supervisors for the County of Riverside:

Kevin Jeffries, first district:  $170,527.85

John F. Tavaglione, second district: $186,333.90

Chuck Washington,  third district:  $151,232.8480

John J. Benoit, fourth district: $183,972.24

Marion Ashley, fifth district:  $182,465.90

From the County of Riverside website:

Board Members Compensation

Riverside County officials represent  2.2 million residents who live across 7,300 square miles. Riverside County is the fourth largest county in California stretching from Orange County on the west to Arizona on the east. It’s the 11th largest county in 

Ed Toole (721 M1st)

My name is Ed Toole and I am asking you to vote for me and the 721 Members First team for election to the board of SEIU 721.  

With your vote, I will continue to focus on the education and empowerment of our members and leaders. We must never lose sight that our strength and survival as a union comes from our members. Through their education and active participation, we can continue to build SEIU 721 up as a powerful union capable of standing up for every member, in every city, district, and county — in solidarity!

David Warpness (721 M1st)

I have been with Riverside County for eight years, during which time I have served three years on the SEIU 721 Executive Board. My goal in my first term was to help strengthen membership as a whole, so the workplace can be less stressful and more rewarding. We have made progress, but more work needs done.

The next three years will be challenging, but with my experience I believe that I will be able to serve the members of our local with respect, and an educated point of view that will help us move forward to a more positive future. 

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