Statements for LA/OC Cities Region Executive Board Candidates

LA/OC Candidates

Douglas Aleman (Save721)

I am a Traffic Officer for the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation. I have served in this position since 2005 and been an active member of SEIU 721. As an active member I have realized the importance of being involved in Union issues. I am a family man that understands that what is good for your family is good for mine. Join me in voting Save721.

Joaquin Avalos (721 M1st) 

I’ve worked for the City of Santa Ana as an Automotive Equipment Technician for more than 2 decades and I have been active with our union for that time as well. I believe we’re headed in the right direction by providing better service to the members, but there’s still unfinished work to be done. I have the drive and the passion to be part of the team that accomplishes great things, together!

I hope I can count on your vote for me, and for the whole 721 Members First team.

Fidel Avila (721 M1st)

I am running for election to the SEIU 721 Executive Board as a member of the 721 Members First slate. I have worked with the City of Los Angeles for nearly 19 years, a steward for four years, and have served as a chairperson on the contract bargaining committee. 

I genuinely care about members and I am dedicated to standing up for all 721 members and making our voices are heard. Together we can make positive choices and achieve our goals to make our union stronger.

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Daniel Chavira (Save721)

I am Daniel Chavira (Danny) and I have been with the City of Los Angeles Sanitation for 23 years. I have been a shop steward for 20 of those years. I am involved with our joint labor management team and take part in job actions for a better living. I want 721 to be a members Union for all members. Please allow me to continue serving you and vote Save721

Edwina Chism (721 M1st)

I am a seasoned 17-year City of Los Angeles Traffic Officer and I have been in every single budget fight in the City and I know how to win.

A vote for the 721 Members First slate is a vote for an unmatched experience that keeps us on the winning path.

I am also a Union Steward and I fight for our members to make sure they get a fair shake by management. 

I believe in justice, fairness, and respect and dignity for the work we public employees do. 

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Jerome Johnson (Save721)

I am a City Employee of Sanitation solid waste. I have served on the bargaining committee, intensely negotiating our city employee’s contract. I actively attend union meetings, demonstrations, job action and rallies in order to make my presence known and exhibit how important the Union truly is to me. That is why I ask that you vote for me and Save 721.  

Stacee Karnya  (721 M1st)

I am a Chemist II for the City of L.A.’s Environmental Monitoring Division. I am running for the Executive Board to make sure that issues that are important to members are heard and addressed.  I am also a steward, and I was on the design teams for Imagine721 (July 2010) and the Member Leaders and Action Conference (March 2011). In addition, I was a delegate at the International Convention in May 2012 and I most recently served on the MOU 8 Bargaining Team.

I am very active and greatly committed to our union. Vote 721 M1st!

Kesavan Korand

I am Kesavan Korand working with City of Los Angeles for 25+ years. You all know after a lengthy negotiation and saying No to City’s concessions, we got a fair three years contract. 

I would like to run as your candidate for Executive Board, which is a governing body with 44 members. As a Board member I will represent interests of the members and manage the affairs of the Local. L.A. /O.C. Cities Region have 9 seats. Top nine vote getters will be elected.   

I need your support to win this Election.

Please Vote for me.


Nady Maechiling (721 M1st) 

As a current Executive Board member, I believe that I have been an active leader and that I have demonstrated the values that keep SEIU 721 at the forefront of strengthening the middle class through great contracts. 

I know that under our leadership we’ve been excellent and wise with our local’s finances to thrive and take on the challenges of an anti-union climate.

In 2008, several engineers and I successfully moved our class and joined 721. I am proud we did! I am looking for the opportunity to being re-elected to continue to fight for us!

Andres Morales (721 M1st)

I’m running for re-election as part of the 721 Members First team to continue building the Union and winning for workers in every City and County in our union and I ask for your vote.

I’ve been an active steward in the LA City Bureau of Sanitation where I’ve worked for 29 years, and have been the Chief Steward for the past twelve years. I’m the co-chair of our effective Solid Resources Joint Labor Management Committee, a member of several Process Action Teams, and a member of the Union’s Bargaining Team.

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Julie Morgan


TRAFFIC OFFICER 19 YEARS, Shop Stewart 4 years

I’m a leader not a follower; I want the work place to be a place workers enjoy coming to. I would like to be a part of the solution, by keeping the lines of communications open for all. I promise the best of me as a board member, I’m a hard worker my goal is to make us better as an organization.  

Kevin Neustadter

For Board member:


TRAFFIC OFFICER: 19 Years, previous Shop Steward.     

I am slate free, no ties to either  party, independent thinker, I’m a Leader not a Follower, military Vet, trustworthy, dedicated to the worker; my goal is to make our voice heard as the working family, help me make sure you have a voice, I am a fighter and fighters don’t quit. Place your trust in me and my word is my bond.

Alan Peshek (721 M1st) 

I am running for a position on the Executive Board for SEIU Local 721 representing LA/OC Cities. I have been a Chief Steward for the past 14 years and I am currently on the Regional Council for LA cities in my 2nd term. 

I am an active member in the Joint Steward, Communications, and Representational committees. I worked for 4 months as an SEIU 721 Advocate representing members. I was part of the Consolidating Committee that visited a sister local to get ideas on how to better our union for the members.  I hope you will vote for me. 

Jim Randall- (Save721)

My name is Jim Randall (Traffic Officer II) and I am running for a seat on the SEIU 721 Executive Board.  I have been with the city for over 14 years and currently work out of the Valley Division in the Devonshire area.  I am currently a shop steward with the Union and I have held seats on the JLMC and PAT committees along with many subcommittees.  I am also a training officer and an acting supervisor on occasion.  I have been a proven leader amongst my peers and will fight for what we need!  Thank you for consideration!

Jesse Valdes (Save721)

My name is Jesse Valdes and I have been a sanitation RCTO for 14 years and a shop steward for 5 yrs. I have participated in various Union activities and throughout the years I have seen 721 lie and manipulate our members. It is time for our Union to be governed by the members and for the members and not by the unions’ personal gain. It is time to take OUR Union back! Vote Save721.

Carlos Vasquez

Hi, I am Carlos Vasquez with 10 years service  as welder for City of los Angeles  GSD fleet services area 1. I have also  proudly served in the bargaining team for Our current contract . We put a good fight opposing to any take away proposed by our employer. I encourage every member to vote in this  coming election  and support me for Executive Board position. Reason I am running is because I believe in serving you  brother /sister in the needs you may encounter. I feel and believe I can make a difference with honesty and integrity. 

Juan Vasquez (Save721)

My name is Juan Vasquez, I am a LADOT Traffic Officer with the city of Los Angeles. I have been with the department for 10 years and been a member of the 2015 SEIU 721 Bargaining team representing MOU18. Most recently I have been the chair for the LADOT, Joint Labor Management Committee. Vote Save721 to instill necessary changes.  

Victor Vasquez


Sergio Verino

My Name is Sergio Verino and I write to you as an Independent candidate. 

I have 20 years’ experience in labor and have acted as past president of our Santa Ana Chapter, 2nd Vice President, 2 term Director at Large and currently serve as SEIU Regional Council elected member.  

I respectfully ask for your vote for a position on the Executive Board. 


Code Enforcement Supervisor

Adjunct Professor- Santiago Community College

Regional Occupation Teacher


Master’s Degree Public Policy

Bachelor’s Degree Organizational Studies

State Public Service Teaching Credential

Human Resource Certificate 

Transparency, Accountability, Growth, Professionalism, Strengthen through Leadership 

Simboa Wright (721 M1st)

I ask for your vote for re-election to the SEIU 721 Board as a member of the 721 Members First slate. As a union leader in the City of L.A., my #1 priority is to provide the services that matter to L.A. City residents as safely and efficiently as possible. I’m committed to keeping L.A. a world-class city for every resident and worker. Instead of talking about the problems or challenges, I’m driven to figure out the solutions. I’m proud of what we’ve done – together — and ready to keep working, leading forward!

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Sal Zambrano (721 M1st)

I am running for SEIU 721’s Executive Board to put our members first! I will be an active listener for your concerns, and I will bring a strong and informed voice with management and I will represent your issues before our elected officials. 

I am a Cal Poly Pomona trained Civil Engineer, a member of Los Angeles Professional Managers’ Association (LAPMA), and I have 28-years of service with the City of L.A. I respectfully ask for your vote and your support of our 721 Members First team. I look forward to representing our members!

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