Two Dozen Strong at the UFCW 770 Healthy Day Race


SEIU Local 721 members in the Tri-Counties region came out in full force to represent at the UFCW 770 Healthy 5k race in Ventura. Over two dozen SEIU 721 members, family and community came out from Santa Maria to Simi Valley to stand up for healthy families.

This is the third year that SEIU 721 has supported the Healthy Day event. Last year we sponsored 10 runners and this year we upped the support to 25 runners!

The event proceeds go to the UFCW Local 770 Icaza Foundation which works with local charities in our community.

SEIU 721 also had a booth where Interim Regional Director Danny Carrillo and retiree staff member Sylvia Ramirez collected signatures for the SEIU supported $15/hour minimum wage state initiative.

Check out the photos from the UFCW 770 health fair and rally.

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