Public workers front and center: Join us on April 14!

SEIU Local 721 members have anchored the fight to raise up working families and we’ve delivered! 

Secure your day off from work *today* so that you can join us on April 14.

Call the Member Connection 1-877-721-4YOU, or click here to contact us online.   

Please use this link to download and share this invitation!

Already we’ve ensured that every L.A. City and L.A. County 721 member earns more than $15/hr. Plus we got L.A. City, unincorporated L.A. County, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and now the entire State of California to increase the minimum wage with a path to $15/hr. 

Now more than ever we have the power and the vantage point to negotiate even higher for every SEIU 721 member.

It falls on us Public Workers to continue pushing back on the wealthy few that are also targeting our healthcare, our pensions, and all of the gains that we’ve made in our contracts.

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and let the big corporations and those running for office know that working families are united, and ready to fight for their right to come together for a better life.

We must come strong on April 14th. Submit your day off request today!

Call the Member Connection 1-877-721-4YOU, or click here to contact us online.   

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