Social Workers Are Mobilizing Solidarity ActionsTo Get to the Root of the Problem!

Last week hundreds of Children Social Workers rallied at the Hall of Administration and delivered a powerful message to the Board of Supervisors and DCFS Director Philip Browning to get to the root of the problem and fix the child safety crisis. We delivered that message loud and clear, but we are not just stopping there. 

During the next 10 days, Social Workers throughout LA County will be mobilizing with a series of actions to take a stand against the criminalization of Social Workers and let County leaders know that scapegoating our hard work will not make children any safer.


To make our message even more crystal clear, on Thursday, April 21st the same day District Attorney Jackie Lacey will formally hold an arraignment to criminalize Social Workers, we’re taking a stand for all Social Workers with countywide Unity Breaks! Social Workers throughout LA County will be holding Unity Breaks to send a clear message to DCFS Director Philip Browning that we want real justice that saves lives and gets to the root of the problem at DCFS. 

Stop the scapegoating, we need real solutions to end the child safety crisis! 

Worksite Organizers will distribute stickers and signs to each office earlier this week. 

Stewards at each office should consult with their Worksite Organizer to choose the best time for the Unity Break – either 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, or 3:00 pm of Thursday, April 21st.

Call the SEIU Local 721 Member Connection at 877-721-4968 for more information

Click Here To Download Flyer of All Actions

When We Fight Together, We Win!

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