Court Workers Win in Superior Court Judge Races

My name is Victor Orozco, and I’m a Court Services Assistant II at the Pasadena Courthouse. While many people will be talking about election results for various offices in the California June Primary, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate LA County Superior Court Workers.  All of our endorsed candidates for LA County Superior Court Judge made it into the top two yesterday, and will go on to the general election.  I want to especially congratulate all the union members that took the time to interview the candidates at the union endorsement town hall meeting back in February.


SEIU 721 Endorsed Candidates:

Steven Schreiner                    Office #11
E. Matthew Aceves                Office #42
Susan Jung Townsend            Office #84
Kim Nguyen                            Office #158

Here are a couple of ways that LA County Court workers influenced this election:

The list of our endorsed candidates was mailed out to tens of thousands of 721 members across LA County on the SEIU 721 election slate-mailer.  Other SEIU locals included our choices for judge in their mailers as a courtesy to their members who, like many in the general electorate, don’t otherwise get much information on judge races.  Our recommendations were instrumental in gaining our candidates the endorsement of the LA County Federation of Labor with its 800,000+ members.

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