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It’s that time again! Regional Council elections are underway. Ballots are mailed out by Fri., Oct. 7 and they’re due by Mon., Oct. 24 at 9 a.m. at the L.A., Ventura and Riverside SEIU offices. So who is running for the Regional Council and what will they do for our union? To find out, read the candidate statements here!



Lillian Cabral

My name is Lillian Cabral. I’m running for your Regional Council for Los Angeles County representing BU 112. You have honored me by voting for me as your bargaining Chair for 112 Supervisory Clerical. I have placed my members first and my 100% attendance speaks for itself because your issues and concerns need to be heard loud and clear. Your vote on the council and your voice has always, and will remain, my number one focus. This position holds a lot of dedication and commitment that our members deserve. Accountability will always be a key factor when serving you.


Lydia Cabral-Sanchez

Hello! My name is Lydia Cabral-Sanchez and I’m running for your Regional Council for LOS ANGELES COUNTY representing BU 729. I have been elected to represent you on our bargaining table and you have trusted me and elected me to your E-Board. I will represent your ideas and concerns with an open mind and an open mouth to voice your issues and to help create a stronger and better work force for you and for me. Thank you for your “VOTE”.


Maribel Castillon

My name is MARIBEL CASTILLON.  I’ve served as a Public Health Nurse for LAC DPH for 13 years and have over a decade of labor involvement. Knowing our Union has the STRENGTH to IMPROVE the quality of our lives, our worksites, our communities and our government INSPIRES me. I’m PASSIONATE about EMPOWERING our members and through the use of social media, I’ve informed many about issues that impact us as a Union and as a society. My intention as a Regional Council Member is to continue RAISING AWARENESS on the importance of UNION PARTICIPATION and ENGAGEMENT. Your vote is appreciated!


Phoury Chhun

I’m a long time member, Union Steward, and Los Angeles County D.P.S.S. Employee. IT is that experience that I believe qualifies me for a position on our Regional Council. As your candidate, I plan to continue to protect our rights and privileges as dictated by our Memorandum of Understanding as they are. This I believe can be achieved through continued constructive communication. This would my primary goal not only when negotiating, but also through every process that reflects and maintains a serious relationship between labor and our administrative Los Angeles County management.


Mellonie Freeman

My name is Mellonie Freeman and I am running for Regional Council. The first time I served on Regional Council I was elected Secretary and learned the importance of creating a record of meetings. More importantly, I learned how to work together to reach members. I have been a steward for over fifteen years and I still learn new ways to represent members. If elected again I will continue to strive to support members and create events where we can share our ideas. Thank you for your time!


Adolfo Granados

I am an Eligibility Worker II and I am dedicated to making sure the concerns of our members are being heard. I’m not afraid to speak out because I know the well-being of our communities depends on the rights of our public workers to be protected and respected. I advocate for better pay, lower caseloads and enough staff to get the job done. I have experience fighting for our rights at both the local and state level. I’m committed to strong representation and I’m asking for your vote so that together we can lift up our members and our communities.


Veronica T. Johnson

Hello brothers and sisters.  My name is Veronica T. Johnson.  I have been a county employee for over 20 years and a steward for several years.  I just completed my first term on the Regional Council.  Currently I’m involved in COPE, Region Appeals Committee and APRI.  As a steward, I attend the monthly meeting keeping my coworker informed.  If elected to the Executive Board, I will make decision in the best interest for us, the County of Los Angeles employees.  Thank you for your time.


Silva Kechichian

My name is Silva Kechichian and I am a proud Armenian-American activist of the 43rd Assembly District. I served as an elected Negotiator for the Bargaining 711 unity and a Shop Steward at DPSS-IHSS, at the Chatsworth office. I have a proven record of success, where my strong ethics and integrity – combined with my strong leadership skills – have led us to where we are today. I am committed to make changes in union leadership. It will be an honor and privilege to represent you in SEIU Local 721 as a Regional Council member. Each Vote Counts!


Kesavan Korand, M.S., P.E.

Hello all MOU 8 Members! I would like to earn your support in re-running for the upcoming MOU 8 Regional Council Election. As you know, I always focus on the regional issues that matter most to our MOU 8 membership such as bargaining for benefits and salary increases. Ballots will be mailed to your home on Friday, October 7, 2016 and must be received by 9.00 a.m. Friday, October 24, 2016. Your Vote to Re-elect Me is Greatly Appreciated.


Frank Lee

I’m a union steward and was on the last bargaining committee for our current contract. But my main purpose and concern is to the members, and to do the best job possible – to be honest, transparent and to fight for your cause, and to put you first and foremost. The members have always been my main focus since becoming a steward. Again, Brothers and Sisters – it’s not about me, it’s about you! I’ll work very hard for you, to the best of my God given abilities, to represent you in all your issues and concerns. 2 Timothy 2:15 Thank you.


Daren McDaniel

Hello my name is Daren McDaniel. I work for the city of Los Angeles as a traffic officer for the past 16 years. I have been a steward (protecting the rights of my fellow officers and making sure that management upholds our MOU). I’m running for regional council because I want to make a difference and focus on what we all need which I hold dear to my heart-REPRESENTATION. I believe that change can only occur when you become part of the process. I need your vote. A vote for me is a vote for us.


Melvin Orphey, Jr.

I’ve served as co-chair of our bargaining committee. I campaigned for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd District Board of Supervisors candidates. I’m currently campaigning for Janice Hahn and Kathryn Barger in the 4th and 5th Districts. On 10/29/13, I emailed the Board urging them to pay for the medical insurance premium increase. They did. Last year I spoke before the Board to increase our evening/night shift pay. Again they agreed. I was part of a team that spoke to Mitch Katz to help increase wages for CNAs. I will work not only in 221 B.U. but for all 721 members.


Yolanda Roybal

I’m a Patient Financial Service Control Worker and Union Steward at the LAC+USC Medical Center. I have been a past bargaining committee member for two consecutive terms. I have fought for a $15 minimum wage for all private contract workers. I will keep fighting to protect defined benefits for our retirement plan. I’m involved with the anti-bullying campaign at the LAC+USC Medical Center and throughout the County. I’m a member of the following SEIU Committees: African American, Latino, Native American and Women. With my overall experience with Los Angeles County and SEIU 721, I’m asking for your vote.


Robert Savinelli

My approach is simple. Treat our union members with respect. We have earned it. I will review issues that affect our civil service jobs, present our ideas to the regional council, and communicate the outcomes to you. I will always fight to improve the benefits and working conditions for our members. I promise to never use fear or partial information to gain your trust. I value good ideas, leadership, progress, and clear communication. Let me be your voice at the Regional Council. About me: Earned my PhD at UCSB. Worked as an environmental chemist at Hyperion for last four years.


Joginder Singh Gill

My name is Joginder Singh Gill, Radiation Therapist, at LAC+USC Medical Center since last eighteen years. Please vote for Joginder Singh Gill for Regional Council Member. I will fight for:
1.    Increasing your salary so it is comparable to other local hospitals.
2.    Changing the Core Competency Test so it is only educational, rather than its current form, which is designed to terminate hardworking employees. Approximately 24 employees have been terminated. Are you next?
3.    Stop all bullying here at our hospital.

Please Vote for Joginder Singh Gill for Regional Council Member of SEIU 721. I will fight for you!


Leanne Welch, RCP

I am a member of SEIU, a union steward, a bargaining team member and your coworker, and I am asking for your vote for Regional Council. As a member of the Regional Council I can help to get your ideas turned into action. I am willing to do the work that will help bring the needed change to strengthen our union. Help me to help you by giving me your support. Vote, Leanne Welch, for Regional Council on October 7th. Thank you.


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