Meet the Riverside County RN and General Unit Bargaining Teams!

Engaged and united, we can stay on a winning path for Riverside County!

General Unit Bargaining Team


Ben Brandon, Art Fuentes, David Curtis, Ken Bowling, Sharon Lynch, Murray Sussman, Julian Monition, Leanne Welch, Donnelly Valdez

General Unit Bargaining Session Schedule

9/28/16 (9am-3pm) County Facility

10/5/16 (9am-3pm) SEIU Facility

10/19/16 (8am-12 Noon) County Facility

10/27/16 (9am-3pm) SEIU Facility


“As SEIU Local 721 members we have a powerful voice, and the best resources to win a contract that we can all be proud of. It’s critical that we remain united to show the County we are determined  to Raise Up Riverside, and that members are committed to winning a contract that invests in all County frontline workers.”

— Leanne Welch, Respiratory Therapist and Bargaining Team Membe

RN Unit Bargaining Team


Misty Wright, Jamie Garcia, Tracy Jackson, Lisa Mackie, Dolores Gonzalez

RN Unit Bargaining Session Schedule

10/3/16 (9am-3pm) SEIU Facility

10/17/16 (9am-3pm) County Facility

11/2/16 (9am-3pm) SEIU Facility


“Every single member plays a key role in winning a contract that invests in Riverside County’s frontline workers and the vital health services that we provide. Our unity at every step of the negotiations will be the margin of victory. We have the power to deliver a contract that prioritizes safe and secure work environments, and brings real investments and resources so we can deliver quality care for every patient.” 

Jamie Garcia, Registered Nurse and Bargaining Team Member