County of Ventura – Over 100 Strong at the BOS!


SEIU Local 721 County of Ventura members showed up in full force at the Tues., Nov. 15 Board of Supervisors meeting!

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At the meeting, our members emphasized the connection between a strong Ventura County workforce and a strong Ventura County community.

“When you value your employees and the work they do – then you prioritize recruitment and retention,” said member Angela Maxwell from Ventura County Public Works. “When you value your community, you invest in your workforce.”

Members from across Ventura County who testified also included Alma Betancourt, Humberto Tello and Jo Hathon. They urged the Board of Supervisors to invest in our community and conveyed how – from healthcare and social services to road maintenance and emergency services – when we recruit and retain a high quality workforce, we Lift Up Ventura County!

View the photos AND video of our march through the Hall of Administration on our Facebook page!