LA LGBT Center Workers Reach Historic Tentative Agreement


Proposed Contract Offers Career Ladders and Living Wages for LGBTQI Workers and Allies

LOS ANGELES–After several months of contract bargaining sessions, the Los Angeles LGBT Center management and workers represented by SEIU Local 721 have reached a tentative agreement offering fair pay increases for all workers, including a groundbreaking path to $15/hr. that will outpace the minimum wage increase timeline Governor Brown signed into law in April of this year. Recognizing that workers at the LGBT Center are the backbone of a team who care for community members at a rate of 500,000 visits annually, all workers will receive improvements in pay and opportunities for career advancement.


“Together the voices of workers proved that we can help move the LGBT Center in the right direction, we’ve developed a tentative agreement that provides a stronger path for both the community who depend on the Center’s wellness services and those of us who provide those services at the LGBT Center,” said Alejandra Galindo, Patient Compliance Coordinator at the LGBT Center and a key leader in the SEIU 721 contract bargaining team. “The immense value that workers provide to the LGBTQI community is being recognized–a value that is reciprocated in the terms of this tentative agreement.”

At six worksites, Los Angeles LGBT Center workers deliver healthcare and provide mental health and other wellness services for individuals and groups, as well as community outreach and education, writ large. Workers are on the frontlines with clients and patients from the youngest generation to the eldest, supporting those managing chronic illnesses, performing laboratory and pharmaceutical work, and identifying resources for persons transitioning their gender identity, and every aspect of health and wellness.

“Investing in the workforce is investing in the day-to-day frontline services that save lives, provide hope and ultimately lift up the LGBT community that goes to the LGBT Center,” said Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU Local 721. “SEIU Local 721 knows that our strength is grounded in our ability to rise together – this includes workers and our communities – this tentative agreement is proof that labor and management can respond to inequities by working together towards equality and justice. We look forward to continue building on this tentative agreement so that together we can continue to see the LGBT Center flourish.”

“The Center has a world-class team of employees who provide services that are truly helping to make the world a better place for LGBT people,” said Center Chief of Staff Darrel Cummings. “We’re happy to have reached tentative agreement on a new union contract that recognizes their outstanding work.”

The tentative agreement is a 5-year term contract and it is pending full review and ratification vote by members represented by SEIU Local 721. Summary of the agreement and ratification vote, dates, times and locations will be available via by November 10, 2016.