Ventura County Members Say “Invest in our Community!”


Now more than ever we have to unite to fight for our community. We are gearing up the field and our unity and solidarity will provide the foundation to move the county in the right direction.

However, the county’s offer is NOT a commitment to invest in our community!

>>Download the bargaining update flyer

Right now the County is offering:

  • 0.75% increase each year for two years. And those increases don’t even come all at once but come in four parts.
  • In addition to the salary increase, the county is proposing a Market Based Adjustment (MBA) which would provide additional increases for some classifications to help with recruitment and retention.

We’ve made some progress and have been able to TA on some items including extending the grievance timeline.

This is why we have to unite. This is why we need to fight for vital services for our community.

When our healthcare workers can’t afford the same quality services they provide to the community then there is a problem. When workers don’t have access to the healthcare services then the whole community is in trouble. When our best and brightest workers have to look to other counties to pay a wage that helps makes ends meet and there are short-staffing impacts then that creates a crisis of services in our community.

On November 15th when we go to the Board of Supervisors meeting together in unity, we will tell the county that it’s time for them to invest in the community to protect the vital services that members provide. It’s time to Lift Up Ventura County!

Our next bargaining sessions are on November 18th, November 28th, December 7th and on December 14th.
If you haven’t had a chance to RSVP for the Board of Supervisors action on November 15th, you can sign up online at