SEIU Local 721 County of Ventura Members Vote to Ratify a Contract that Lifts Up Ventura County!


Congratulations! SEIU Local 721 members voted overwhelmingly by a 85% YES vote to ratify the tentative agreement with the County of Ventura!

Over the past months you stood in solidarity and took action at your worksites and at the Board of Supervisors to make it clear that when the County invests in frontline workers it is investing in our community and the neighborhoods we serve.

Your unity and participation made the difference in allowing the bargaining team to deliver a package that we can be proud of and makes an investment in our community by strengthening vital services and protecting the middle class.

>>Download the flyer (PDF)

Tentative Agreement Highlights

  • 4.5% salary increases over the term of the contract
  • $3,900 additional County contribution to flex credits over the term of contract
  • Market Based Adjustment increases for over 2,600 represented, from 1% to 9%
  • NEW BENEFIT – $50k term life insurance and $50k accidental death and dismemberment

Next Steps
The Board of Supervisors requires two readings to approve a labor agreement. The first reading happened on Dec. 12th and the second one will be on Tuesday Jan. 10th, 2017.

Download the Tentative Agreement Summary to see the Tentative Agreement Overview and the Market Based Adjustment charts.

Download and view the additional Air Pollution Control District Market Based Adjustment (MBA) chart. (updated 12/27/2017)

Tentative Agreement Overview

Term: 3 years. Term expires 12/14/19. Given the ongoing attack on workers’ collective voice and bargaining power, locking in a longer contract was key to securing salaries and benefits for Ventura County’s working families.

The 1.5% increases for three years are a solid win and will help families keep up with cost of living increases.

  • 1.5% increase on Jan. 15, 2017
  • 1.5% increase on Jan. 14, 2018
  • 1.5% increase on Jan. 13, 2019

Market Based Adjustment (MBA):  Competitive salaries are key to ensuring the recruitment and retention of skilled and experienced workers. This MBA will immediately help lift up those workers who are currently below market rate. Over 2,600 members will be positively impacted by this increase and will receive between 1% and 9% in additional increases. (See attached sheets for affected classifications.)

You and the bargaining team put tremendous pressure on the County to increase the County’s healthcare contribution and help offset the premium increase. This $50 per pay period increase is remarkably better than what was obtained in our previous contract. Special Enrollment period will be available for members after ratification and Board approval of the contract.

  • $50 per pay period for increase starting Dec. 18, 2016
    (First two payments of $50 paid January 20, 2017 after Board approval). Year One flex credit increase = $1,300 ($50 x 26 pay periods).
  • Additional $50 per pay period increase Dec. 17, 2017. Year Two flex credit increase = $1,300.
  • Additional $50 per pay period increase Dec. 16, 2018. Year Three flex credit increase = $1,300.
  • That’s an additional $3,900 in flex credit contributions over the life of the contract!

Life Insurance:
Completely new benefit! $50,000 term life insurance and $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment, which is parity with managers.

Bilingual pay:
Level III workers will see an increase of $0.20/hour.

SEIU 721 reserves the right to reopen COLA contribution for Tier II and Tier III employees.

Uniform allowance:
Jackets every even numbered year for GSA Maintenance Workers and Building Equipment Utility Workers. This starts in 2016 year so these workers will receive jackets on Board approval of MOA. Hats twice a year (April and October), as soon as ratified.

Safety Shoe Reimbursement:
Effective July 1st of each year, major increase in safety shoe allowance of $35. This is an increase from $165 to $200.

Jail Cook Premium:
Jail cooks who regularly work with inmates receive a 5% per hour increase above base salary pay.

Work Schedules:
Departments/agencies must now give at least 21 days notice when changing schedules.

All Fire District employees assigned to incidents will be paid portal to portal with a stand-by provision. Vacation accrual: Fire Dispatchers now eligible to use comp time off (CTO).

Constructive Receipt:
Workers compliant with the IRS on vacation/annual leave buyout.

Service as Witness:
New language providing pay for appearances in court for work-related matters.

Reductions in Force:
Advanced notice on layoff procedure.

Priority of Lists:
Expansion of transfer or promotion lists.

Union Rights:
Improvement in language in SEIU Local 721 rights for stewards, board members and for the bargaining team.

Union Security:
Improvement in union security language.

Grievance Procedure:
Increase grievance timeline from 21 to 30 days.

Extending arbitration timeline from 14 to 30 days.

Human Services Agency Workload Standards (Article 32):
County of Ventura will reconvene within sixty days of the start of the MOA. Parties will be finished within 183 days of reconvening unless extended by mutual agreement by both parties.

Per Diem Pool Employees:
Per-diem employees can now go through due process to get hired full time.

There are also additional language improvements throughout the MOA.