We Have a Tentative Agreement in the County of Ventura!


We did it! Our bargaining team reached a Tentative Agreement on a strong three-year contract that lifts up Ventura County.

Over the past months you stood in solidarity and took action at your worksites and at the Board of Supervisors to make it clear that when the County invests in frontline workers it is investing in our community and the communities we serve.

Your unity and participation made the difference in allowing the bargaining team to deliver a package that we can be proud of and makes an investment in our community to strengthen vital community services and strengthens the middle class.

The bargaining team congratulates you on your hard work in delivering this agreement and recommends a YES vote.

  • Tentative Agreement and voting details are coming soon.
  • If a Rolling Rally was scheduled at your worksite those are cancelled in order to prepare for the Tentative Agreement voting across the county.
  • Be the first to know what’s in your Tentative Agreement by signing up to receive text messages by texting “721luvc” to 787753.