City of Simi Valley Members Win a New Contract!

City of Simi Valley members

Update (9/29/2017): The City of Simi Valley Council voted unanimously to approve the agreement at the 9/25/2017 City Council meeting.

City of Simi Valley members won a strong two year contract that includes improvements in deferred compensation and a new bereavement benefit.

Through your unity and participation your bargaining team was able to win a contract that secures vital services for Simi Valley and provides gains that help your family keep up with cost of living increases.

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The new Agreement includes:

  • Increase in deferred compensation
  • Improvements in merit increase practices
  • Held strong on Simi Flex benefit formula
  • Brand new bereavement benefit
  • Improvements in holiday pay
  • Increase in life insurance
  • Improvements in annual leave accrual rate and maximum accumulation
  • Prescription safety glasses
  • Improvement in rest and recovery

Next steps
The contract requires two readings from the City Council. The Council did the first reading on Sept. 11th and will vote on it on after the  Sept. 25th reading.

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