It’s time to sign AB 450 & SB 54 into law! Contact Governor Brown today!

AB 450 and SB 54 are critical for our friends and family, as well as our coworkers and neighbors. Urge Governor Brown to sign these two bills into law today!

AB 450 requires warrants to enter non-public areas of worksites, and subpoenas before handing over confidential information. And it asks that employers notify the body that represents employees and the Labor Commissioner of Immigration and Customs Enforcement activities, so the rights of members of the general public, and the rights of workers who provide safety net and public sector services are protected.

SB 54 prevents state resources from being used to do the already federally funded work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. State and local law enforcement officers can fulfill their mission of serving and protecting California residents, without interference from ICE. Immigrants who are found guilty of serious or violent felonies will be turned over to ICE. But schools, medical facilities, and other “safe zones” are not to be used for the purposes of conducting ICE group raid, or individual ambush operations.

These two pieces of legislation will impact the wellbeing of every individual, and all of our communities — immigrant and non-immigrant alike. Urge Governor Brown to sign SB 54 and AB 450 into law today!

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