Safety threats at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center & Ventura County Hall of Justice

Sisters & Brothers,

Today’s lock-down at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar due to the threat of an active shooter came on the heels of a bomb threat at the Ventura County Hall of Justice yesterday. Thankfully, in both cases, the threats were empty and no one was harmed. But until these determinations were made, the threats were very real both for the employees – who are our fellow members of SEIU 721 – and the public we serve.

These incidents serve as vivid reminders of the risks that come with the work that we do. Our members in Sylmar and Ventura were fortunate – but our fellow Sisters and Brothers in San Bernardino were not so lucky when tragedy struck almost two years ago. It’s at times like these when we are reminded of the things that truly matter: Our families, our friends, and the colleagues we share countless experiences with while working in service of our neighbors and fellow community members. And it’s also a reminder of the value of our union.

Many of our fellow SEIU 721 members put their personal safety at risk just by coming to work each day. Top management at municipalities across Southern California often forget this fact – but we never do. Whether we’re negotiating for fair wages, creating safety committees, or fighting for adequate workplace safety conditions, we will always be in your corner, because we are all SEIU 721.

If you or any of your fellow Sisters and Brothers have questions about what our union is able to provide and do in order to be of support – or if you are in need of counseling or other resources to help deal with stressful and triggering events – please do not hesitate to contact our Member Connection at 1-877-721-4YOU. This hotline is a valuable resource specifically created for our 95,000-strong membership.

Remember: You, your coworkers, every single one of us is an appreciated and invaluable member of our union and we will always fight hard to keep everyone safe.

In Unity,

Bob Schoonover,
SEIU 721 President

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