Take action to protect our CalPERS pensions and healthcare benefits!

Michael Bilbrey understands the attacks our healthcare, retirement benefits and pensions now face.

And he knows how to fight back and win!

CalPERS needs him. That’s why we enthusiastically endorse his reelection to the Board of Administration.

  • As the current First Vice President of California School Employees Association, Michael serves on the CSEA Budget Committee, proactively managing a budget of more than $60 million.
  • He is one of us – and has dedicated his life to serving public employees as a union member and leader.
  • Michael has successfully fought to win and maintain the rights and benefits of workers like us.
  • He is the only Position B candidate for the CalPERS Board of Administration endorsed by SEIU 721 and SEIU California!

As union members, we support Michael Bilbrey because he knows that we have worked very hard over many years to earn a pension. And that investing in a secure retirement has meant sacrificing the pay we would’ve gotten in the private sector.

Let’s make sure he stays on the CalPERS Board of Administration, where he belongs!

You must vote between November 10 and December 11, 2017.

To recover your voting information, please call (888) 492-4763.

Cast your ballot online by visiting!

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