LA City Bargaining Team Results Are In!

LA City Bargaining Team Results are in!

(Last Updated 12/26/17 11:30am)

Ready to Fight at the Bargaining Table to Get the Job Done!

You cast your vote to stay on the winning path with the new LA City Bargaining Team. Congratulations to the new 2018 Bargaining Team!

The Bargaining Team voting period was November 17th to December 11th. The final vote count was conducted on December 19th.

Member voices are powerful and they make a difference. When we take an active stand for our city, our communities and our families, we’re unstoppable!

MOU 4 Winners

Al Reed, RCTO
Brian Story, RCTO
DeCovan Henderson, RCTO
Kevin D. Patton, Motor Sweeper Operator
Randolph Nevels, Maintenance Labor
Simboa Wright, Wastewater Worker II
Stephen Deryiades, RCTO

MOU 8 Winners

Christina Jones, Environmental Engineering
John Hawkins, Programmer/Analyst III
Karthick Bhaskaran (Kumar), Elec. Engr Assoc II
Kenneth Tang, Transportation Engineering Assoc II
Kesavan S. Korand, Civil Engr. Assoc II
Roberta Lau, Civil Engineering Assoc III
Tamura R. Fatheree, Civil Engineering Assoc IV

MOU 14 Winners

Albert Arriaga, Equipment Mechanic
Antonio Nunez, Equipment Mechanic
Armando Ruiz, Equipment Mechanic
Brian Mattox, Equipment Mechanic
John Gibbs, Equipment Mechanic
Jose Martinez, Constr. Eq. Svc. Worker
Marcos Rojas, Equipment Mechanic

MOU 15 Winners

Anthony Blandon, Custodian
Chris D. Collier, Window Cleaner
Luis Urzua, Window Cleaner
Mirna Garcia, Custodian
Sandra Dixon, Custodian
Sylvia Alvardo, Custodian

MOU 17 Winners

Carlos Baldenegro, Civil Engineer
Charles Lee, Control Systems Engineer
Easton Forcier, Geotech Engineer
Kyaw (Ryan) Thiha, Civil Engineer
Stacee Karnya, Senior Chemist

MOU 18 Winners

Cindy Blunt, Security Officer
Deandre Spencer, Traffic Officer II
Eric Gross, Traffic Officer II
Joseph White, Security Officer
Maria Estevez, Security Officer
Pedro Antonio Conde, Security Officer
Samuel Saucedo, Detention Officer

MOU 36 Winners

Mario La Faurie, Chief of Operations II
Patricia Delgado, Principal Recreation Supervisor
Robert Potter, Solid Resources Manager
Roger Fernandez, Harbor Engineer I
Sal S. Zambrano, Harbor Engineer I
Steven Mangold, Director of Port Construction

For more information on LA City bargaining, contact your worksite organizer or a bargaining team member.