Hundreds Rally at LAC+USC to Resist “Right to Work” Agenda

together we rise cards

The working families of Southern California made their message loud and clear on Monday. As anti-worker forces in Washington began oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court for Janus v. AFSCME, hundreds of workers from more than 50 different unions and community groups gathered on the steps of LAC+USC Medical Center and told the world that, no matter what the court decides, unions are here to stay.

This unprecedented display of unity brought together working families from all walks of life, as private sector union workers joined with their public sector brothers and sisters. Nurses and teachers stood side by side with roofers and truck drivers and pledged to fight back the coming Right to Work (for less) attack.

Community leaders also pledged their support for our working families,including County Supervisor Hilda Solis, LA City Councilmember Jose Huizar, Rev. Smart of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rabbi Klein of CLUE and Martha Arevallo from CARECEN.

In addition to the gathering at the hospital, SEIU 721 members held satellite demonstrations at their worksites, wearing stickers, hanging posters and even using a special Facebook filter.

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This action was merely an outward sign of our inner commitment to our union and to working families. The real fight is happening every day at our worksites, where member leaders are encouraging their coworkers to sign their two signature membership card, make their voice heard in the halls of power and at the bargaining table, and stand up for our union!

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