Alert! “Right to Work (For Less)” In Riverside

Our rights and benefits in Riverside County are under attack from anti-worker forces that are trying to divide our union!

We have learned that an anti-worker organization has been given access to our worksites across the county. This organization is one of many that is trying to scam you into signing away your rights and leave you unprotected and without union representation.

Be aware and don’t give out any personal information or sign any document from any so-called association. Don’t be fooled, workers are always stronger together!

Make no mistake, we’ve got an open contract in Riverside and the bosses are doing everything they can to stick us with a bad deal – not just now, but in perpetuity. Because of our unity as union brothers and sisters and our strong record of fighting back and winning, we’ve been able to resist takeaways for more than a year. If the bosses hear that Riverside workers are divided, they’ll be that much more emboldened in their mission to destroy public services in Riverside. 

Without all of us standing together and united, they’ll just take and take and take until there’s nothing left – fair wages, pensions, healthcare and our voice at work will all be a thing of the past.

This is the latest example of the ongoing war on working families. Remember, stable union representation is key to securing affordable health care, good wages and a secure retirement. Don’t let them divide and conquer – stay united and stay SEIU strong!

If you witness association representatives at your worksite, or if you have any questions, please call SEIU 721 Member Connection at 1-877-721-4968

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