City of L.A. Senior Personnel Analysts Vote YES to Join SEIU 721

This morning, Confidential Senior Personnel Analysts with the City of Los Angeles voted overwhelmingly to join LAPMA, an affiliate of SEIU Local 721.

Their landslide victory sees them join SEIU 721 represented Personnel Directors, who made unprecedented gains in their last contract: paying nothing out of pocket toward healthcare premiums, and winning training trusts funds and special premium-level pay.

“Together with LAPMA and SEIU 721, we’ll have the strength and experience to win at the bargaining table,” said Jeanie Molinar, a Confidential Senior Personnel Analyst. “I’m excited to join a dynamic, member-driven union and negotiate a new, strong contract that uplifts our work and our families.”

Now more than ever, City of Los Angeles employees must stick together to stand up for our workplaces, our families, and the communities we serve. The backers of so-called “Right to Work” would love nothing more than to divide working people and demolish the public sector, but by voting to join LAPMA and SEIU 721, Senior Personnel Directors join the over 95,000 members of SEIU 721. And together with our sisters and brothers in the Coalition of LA City Unions, our power is unmatched.

City of LA Senior Personnel Analysts will now begin the process of determining their collective priorities at the bargaining table and selecting members of their bargaining and contract action teams. For more information, contact Eddie Thomas at 213-308-4292 or